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Poster: Administrator, Curator, or StaffMonte B Cowboy Date: Oct 11, 2012 3:37pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: Question For Matrix Makers/Audio Editors

read this discussion between me and Hunter

I was able to match the June 9, 1973 SBD tape speed to my own fob AUD tapes by doing it myself. No one else would Matrix this show. I asked several times over a couple of years. So I did this matrix myself last year. The tape speed difference was all over the place. The tape speeds were always changing. It was difficult and time-consuming to do the speed correction my way, but it wasn't hundreds of edits.

I have explained several times how I do speed and pitch correction in Samplitude. I knew nothing when I first tried it, but to me, it was straight-forward.

Once the speeds match perfectly, then use Samplitude's VIP mode for rendering audio mixes. This is excellent for synching, mixing and mastering a matrix. Most of the matrixable tapes already in circulation have been matrixed. The GD's tape library is like a matrix-carcass that has been picked through pretty good. Only the tough matrices and perhaps some offbeat ones remain, generally speaking.

In my village-idiot opinion, if your tapes sound "good" individually, then they are synchable. You'll need to be able to choose precise "in" and "out" points. And you'll need to be able to make precise time-difference measurements. Samplitude's resampling / time stretching / pitch shifting correction module does most of the calculations and derives the math for you. Use "resample mode" to do the pitch and speed correction together. Check out my matrix. It's not perfect, but I could make it perfect if I put more time into it.



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Poster: dusborne Date: Oct 12, 2012 1:03am
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: Question For Matrix Makers/Audio Editors

Hey rdenirojb87 , don't give up! Like anything, you just have to keep at it, eventually you'll learn different skills and tricks and it will get easier. To get the most accurate sync, you need to really magnify the sound wave and work on a very short, seconds, amount of time. I did about four matrixes before I was happy enough to put one out in the public domain.
It's great that you are having a go at this, for people that like a matrix, the more, the merrier. I find matrixing fun for the whole family and it really attracts the girls!
Monte, I'm a little embarrassed to ask in public like this, I havn't been able to find a way to pm you on the other sites, but I love your new transfers of those '73 shows you taped, what would you think of me having a go at a matrix with them? They are exactly what I like for the aud part of a matrix, big and fat, with a touch of echo from the venue. If you would like to discuss it in private, please pm me at LL.

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Poster: Administrator, Curator, or StaffMonte B Cowboy Date: Oct 12, 2012 7:41am
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: Question For Matrix Makers/Audio Editors

Yep, Matt Smith definitely did an excellent job for us when he transferred my 1973 tapes of GD shows recently. The digital sound quality of my old tapes is much better. And these tapes sound very clear now. This is not the only big improvement. Tape damage was present on my 39-year-old cassette tapes. His Nakamichi's playbacks of my tapes had much better tape-handling (due to the dual capstans) than my old Nak did (single capstan). Matt's tape-handling improvement decreased the amount of audio output flaws caused by tape wrinkles and tape curls. The dual capstans caused "flattening the tape out" as it passed over the playback head.

Re: June 9, 1973

I matrixed this show a year ago. Since then, my AUDs of June 9 have been transferred by Matt Smith, and they sound much better now.

The tape speed has changed again. Matt Smith's Nak deck played back my AUDs at a different speed than my Nak did. Pitch correction needs to be done again for a new matrix.

Also, PITB needs to be fixed. I was unable to match sources after 9:28; my matrix is SBD only after 9:28. The jamming was too complex for me to find matching "in" points after the 9:28 mark.
Re: June 10, 1973
Kevin Tobin matrixed this show a couple of years ago. Ditto the improvements to my AUD since then due to Matt Smith's transfer. Pitch correction needs to be done again for a new matrix. Personally, If I matrixed this show, I would mix the AUD level up a bit more (closer to the SBD level - like the way I mixed June 9).
Re: July 31, 1973
As far as I am aware, there is no SBD tapes that exist for this date. My AUD is missing reel 2, and I doubt if I will ever be able to find it. Matt Smith transfers sound great.
Re: Aug 1, 1973
No one has matrixed the tapes for this show. I have no idea what this matrix would sound like. Matt Smith transfers sound great.
At this point, I can't possibly thank Matt Smith enough for what he has done for all of us. Thank You!! I sent him another box of 28 tapes, including some uncirculated shows. He now has all the master tapes of my Americana recordings from 1974 to 1984!!! I sent them to him after he transferred my GD tapes. I hesitate to mention this because he is getting burnt out (and that's not fair, imo). I don't care how long he takes to transfer them. And just to remind him of this, I filled up an 8GB iPod with tapes from the LMA, 1000 GD photos sorted by year, and some movies, and then I sent it to him two weeks ago! I'm in it for the long haul. These vintage tapes of mine will circulate for posterity. Thanks Matt for helping out! You're the man! And thanks to the other kind people who made similar transfer offers to me at Lossless Legs! Thank You!


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Poster: rdenirojb87 Date: Oct 12, 2012 8:57am
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: Question For Matrix Makers/Audio Editors

Thanks for the motivating words. It attracts the girls, eh? I'll start practicing my new pickup line. “Hey baby, you wanna check out my matrix?” Somehow I don't see that working lol.

I love your matrix of 12/11/72 Winterland. One of the show I wanted to do! Anyway I'm sure I'll find some others to do.

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Poster: rdenirojb87 Date: Oct 12, 2012 8:57am
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: Question For Matrix Makers/Audio Editors

Cool, thanks Monte. I like your matrix. I remember listening to it right after you released it. I actually use Final Cut Pro, like Jubal, but I appreciate all the information you've provided on audio editing. I've been digging through a lot of it, and find it helpful and informative.

You sure are right about most of the good matrix choices already being done. I checked out out a TON of shows I thought would make a good matrix, and the vast majority already have matrix copies. I remember when the first Hunter's Trix started popping up and there were just a select few matrices. It's overwhelming how many there are now. I didn't realize how quickly the collection had grown, and since I don't want to do any duplicates, it really limits the options for which shows I can work with. I do like the idea of a JGB matrix though. I think I'll give that a whirl.

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